Decorate Using Tahari Rugs

Apr 19th

Decorate Using Tahari Rugs – You can divide a large room and create a cozy sitting area by using a mid-sized round or square Tahari rugs. Add a few chairs and a small table and you have the perfect area to enjoy semi-private time while remaining in a social atmosphere. Lighter shades and subdued tones are some of the best color choices to use in a sitting area.

Tahari Rugs Ideas
Tahari Rugs Ideas

Using Tahari rugs under coffee tables can be an interesting feature in a living room. All of the legs of the coffee table should be on top of the rug. If a rug is large enough it may be placed a few inches underneath the edge of the sofa. A popular rug placement is to have the front two legs of a sofa on a rug and leave the back two legs on the base floor. It’s not really aesthetically pleasing to have all legs of the sofa on a rug, unless of course it’s a room sized rug.

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Another idea to decorate with Tahari rugs is placing in the dining room. This can help you visualize the placement of furniture and rugs and arrange things in the best way. To measure the size of rug to use beneath a dining table, measure the top of the table and add twenty four to thirty inches all around. This allows free movement of the chairs while keeping all chair legs on the surface of the rug. This is important since when chairs regularly catch on the edge of a rug it could cause stretching and damage to the rugs. It’s really not a good idea to place china cabinets and serving tables on a rug in dining room.